The very latest in eye laser technology.

We are thrilled to be the only eye clinic in Sweden to offer this incredible vision correction option.

SMILE is the most advanced laser eye surgery yet. This exciting new treatment is fast, minimally invasive and incredibly effective. Over 1 million eyes in over 60 countries worldwide have successfully been treated with the SMILE technique.

FUN FACT: Did you know that SMILE is the first eye correction surgery to be accepted by the military and for pilots’ training for flight certifications? This is amazing news for anyone previously disqualified by vision impairments which can now be corrected by SMILE.

Minimally invasive. Fast. Effective.
Amazing results.

What is SMILE?

SMILE corrects myopia and astigmatism, or a combination of both refractive errors with only a very small incision at the corneal surface. This high-precision procedure is the latest development in the refractive laser treatments.

SMILE, Small Incision Lenticule Extraction, uses a femtosecond laser system with high precision and speed to reshape the cornea. The laser creates a small lens shaped pieces of corneal tissue known as lenticule, inside the cornea. It takes an average of 23 seconds. The surgeon then removes the lenticule through a small incision at the front part of the eye. This reshapes the cornea and corrects the refractive error.


Minimally invasive: With the SMILE procedure only a 2mm – 4mm wide incision is made on the surface of the eye. A thin lenticule formed by the laser inside the cornea is removed through this opening.

Maintained eye stability: The entire upper layers of the cornea are virtually unaffected with SMILE – these are the most important contributors to the cornea’s stability.

Eligibility: SMILE corrects myopia, astigmatism or a combination of the two, but is not a treatment option for hyperopia yet. As with other Laser Vision Correction methods, you will first need to undergo a detailed eye examination to determine whether you are a suitable candidate. If you have mild, moderate or even severe myopia, SMILE may be an option for you.


Single-step procedure: SMILE is performed with a single short pulse and fast repetition femtosecond laser system. The laser selects a thin layer just beneath the surface of the eye at the same time as creating a tiny opening at the surface of the eye. The laser works silently and quickly without producing odour. Furthermore, the patient remains in one place from start to finish.

All-femto: SMILE uses only a femtosecond laser, which is programmed to harmlessly pass through the upper layers of the cornea, becoming focused only at a specific sub-layer of the cornea to create the lenticule:

  • No removal of the outer layer of the cornea
  • Only a very small incision on the surface of the eye

Corneal nerves stimulating the tear glands are less affected and so they are still able to help keep the eye lubricated. Side effects such as dry eye syndrome are rare after SMILE.

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