Improve vision and comfort with this eye laser surgery.

PTK is a surgical procedure which is mainly used to treat scars on the cornea and any other type of corneal surface disease. These include corneal dystrophy and epithelial erosion syndrome.

Reduces scarring. Improves vision.

What is PTK?

PTK stands for Photo-Therapeutic Keratectomy: this surgery uses a laser to treat eyesight problems, which are mainly diseases of the surface of the cornea.

The aim of this procedure is to treat surface level corneal disease and NOT to remove the need to wear glasses or contact lenses. The main goals of performing PTK are to remove or decrease the opacities affecting the visual acuity, to smooth the corneal surface, to improve the adherence of the corneal epithelium, or a combination thereof to help the painful symptoms.

However, this treatment can be combined with PRK which means that it has both a medical and cosmetic application.

The main difference between PTK and Lasek, Lasik and PRK is that it treats medical conditions such as corneal dystrophy. In other words, there is a clear medical need for this surgery.


This procedure is potentially applicable to a large number of patients but including:

  •       Corneal scars and opacity (from trauma and Corneal infections)
  •       Dystrophies (Reis-Buckler’s, granular and lattice)
  •       Salzmann’s nodular degeneration 

  •       Band keratopathyæ
  •       Painful bullous keratopathy 


Patients with deep corneal lesions are not good candidates for this technique.


Improved vision. These include a smooth and transparent cornea and improved vision.