Our pricing is clear,
simple and honest.

Every eye is unique. The only way to get the best possible result is to tailor the treatment precisely to each individual eye. So that’s what we do also with financing.

We have designed our financing services so that you can focus on results and trust you are planning for the best outcome possible for both your vision and your wallet.

We offer up to 50 months of interest-free financing and no surprises.

We are here to help! Have questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your account.

Enjoy up to 50 months of interest-free financing!
(876 kr/mo)

Ask us about our convenient installment financing, which matches the amount of time to the amount you owe, up to 50 months! Our patients love this option and we are happy to offer it to you.

Our pricing includes everything you will need from start to finish!


At Aveny Ögonklinik, you will receive:

–    initial consultation

–    your procedure operation

–    post-op exam

–    5 follow up exams

–    3 years of enhancement guarantee

–    all medications (eye drops, etc,)

–  a beautiful gift bag

[…COMING SOON…] our very own Aveny Ögonklinik “Experience App” will help guide you through every step of the process directly on your mobile device.

42,000 SEK for SMILE
35,000 SEK for FS-Lasik
29,000 SEK for PRK/LASEK
35,000 SEK for PTK
49,000 SEK for ICL

65,000 SEK for Multifocal RLE
44,000 SEK for Monofocal RLE
44,000 SEK for Add-on
100,000 SEK for Eyemax Mono

Pricing for laser treatments & ICL

CATALYS® Precision Laser System is included in all refractive treatments at no additional cost to you and provides the very best results possible today. Aveny is proud to be the only clinic in Göteborg – and one of very few in Sweden – to offer this additional treatment step.

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