Glaucoma Surgery

You don't have to suffer with Glaucoma!

Glaucoma is a disease that affects the eye’s nerve. In glaucoma, visual loss may occur at different places in the field of vision, which can be experienced in different ways. People usually describe it as a gradual decline of sight over time. In glaucoma, the pressure in the eye is often increased, but glaucoma also occurs at normal or low eye pressure. Glaucoma is available in both chronic and acute forms, and is usually hereditary.

Don’t be stopped by glaucoma.

What is chronic glaucoma?

This is the most common form. It is also called open-angle glaucoma and develops slowly. The water chamber that causes the eye to “shape” is not filtered at the same rate as fluid is produced. Then the eye pressure rises.

You can get the disease in one or both eyes. If only one eye is hit, the healthy eye compensates for loss of vision in the other. Therefore, there is no deterioration of sight seeing. It may take several years before you notice the inconvenience.

What is acute glaucoma?

This form – also called acute narrow-angle glaucoma – is not as common as chronic glaucoma. It suddenly occurs and causes severe pain. The pain is due to a total stop in the water chamber flow, which causes the pressure in the eye to be very high. The acute form requires immediate medical attention and prompt treatment. Because the disease is so pronounced, damage can be avoided to some degree but does involve more risk, especially if not treated promptly.

Treatment options

Treatment usually involves a combination of eye drops designed to lower eye pressure. Surgery is also an option. If you believe you may have symptoms of glaucoma, the very first step is to contact us for a thorough eye examination so we can provide you with the very best options.