Here are the prices for our other services and treatments.

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Doctors appointment 1.200 SEK
Doctors appointment second opinion 2.900 SEK
Nurses appointment 500 SEK
Certificate for transport agency 2.000 SEK
Visual field exam 2.500 SEK
OCT 2.500 SEK
Corneal topography 2.500 SEK
Endothelium examination 2.500 SEK

Additional laser treatments:

Glaucoma-treatment with laser /SLT) 2.500 SEK/eye
YAG-laser 2.500 SEK/eye

Plastic surgeries:

Plastic surgery on eyelid 10.000 – 20.000 SEK/eye
Ptrygium 16.000 SEK/eye
Chalazion 4.000 SEK/eye


Glaucoma surgery 42.000 SEK/eye
Secondary intraocular lensimplant 39.500 SEK/eye
Adjustment of an intraocular lens 39.500 SEK/eye